What’s in Balabusta? Well, the phrase is Yiddish in origin, and means “house owner”. It was referred to the housewife, who wins the household chores. Frankly, the old Jewish communities did not intend to give a feminist meaning to it. The phrase was adopted in Hebrew slang, and took on a broader meaning, referring to an assertive woman who runs things, and is able to make things happen, and that’s totally fine by me. 

Alongside the progressive feminist meaning, this post is designed, first and foremost, to explain why it is so important for you to own your content.

 In early January this year, a few days after the riots in the US Capitol claimed the lives of five people, Twitter removed Trump’s account for violating the platform’s laws. Following that, Facebook (and Instagram, after all, they’re owned by the same “landlord”) also removed Trump’s account as well, alleging a violation of community standards and incitement to violence.

So far so good, you would say – these technology corporations acted well, as Trump abused the stage given to him.

But these occurrences actually made it clear, who the real “landlord” is. Not the president of the United States, leader of the free world, the symbol of enlightened liberalism. No, not him.

Social networks have real control over the content posted on them. They are the largest stage in the world, the raft on which we sail in the ocean of anonymity. It is the gate that unfolds reality as we perceive it. Be honest with me here, if it’s not shared on social media, did it really happen?

Dalyan Kaunos Kaya Mezarları, Muğla, (Turkey)

And that’s the main reason I remind myself over and over again – Be in Balabusta. Own your content. 

The social networks we have become so accustomed to, are transparent in their framework, and make us forget – we are trapped in them, and we are under their control. They set the rules. And we acknowledge that sad truth the moment they decide we violate their rules. This decision will be arbitrary, with a small to no scope for re-appeal. Amazon can close stores Instagram and Facebook can block profiles from sharing/ commenting or tagging. 

And the worse part of it? It could be very well that you will no longer have access to the information and content that was there – content you created! 

What do we learn? At the click, the media corporation hosting you can kick you out, deny access to everything you have done so far and in fact, eliminate you. If Zuk is God, and Facebook is the Divine, then the only thing one can do is – pray and thank the lord. Or – Own your god damn content. Buy a domain, have your website online. 

Another important aspect of social networks, as much as they are stable, and the audience is bustling with them, at the end of the day are also subject to trends. In the cemetery of cyberspace, you will find MySpace, Google Plus, and go and know who will get there tomorrow.

But these are not the only mere reasons to own your content. When you plan your marketing strategy, you design a content flow chart to attract and lead the audience to where you are targeting them. Your goal – to bring the audience to your website. Where is that audience? On social networks, of course. So yeah, we will post on social media, copy the content from our website to the relevant network, open another store aside from Instagram shopping, Etsy etc. Whether the audience read the post on one of the networks such as Medium or LinkedIn, or listen to the podcast on Spotify or watch the video on Tiktok, at the end of the day – there will be a link somewhere, pointing at your website, the source origin of all this content, your own space. 

In your own space you set the rules. You can post whenever you want (though I recommend posting regularly and consistently); You combine video or audio whenever it suits you, you are not subject to rules or community standards, you can write 500 words today and one sentence tomorrow. You can embed your own content or that of others from social media, within a customized framework. This freedom to set your own rules, design how your page looks and manage your content – this freedom is priceless. This freedom allows you to build an accurate strategy for your needs, or just go wild in a creative way. Everything goes.

Let’s go technical. Here are a few words about Search Engine Optimization: It is of most advised and strategically important that your domain name will be the first result on any search, not your social media profile. It is very important that search engine crawlers and bots scan your website, whether it is an online shop, portfolio gallery, blog, or any other content site.

Here are some more technical benefits to owning your content, I will summarize:

  • Own your archive. I mean, How many times have you searched for past posts on Facebook and did you succeed on easily finding them? 
  • Own your data. Your ability to track traffic to your site is greater than the data social networks provide.
  • Own your real-estate. You can “sell” real-estate on the screen – to Google ads, for example, and actually, You can make a nice profit from it.

Do you have any more comments? Insights? Questions? Feel free to comment or contact me,  would love to elaborate. 

Bidi Sh.
The Running Nomad

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